Arais Conde - Arais Conde Virtual Assistance


Virtual Assistant & Chief Encourager to businesses that make the world a better place. I’m a Latina based in Ireland, my talent to free your time and take your mind of the techy stuff, admin, customer service, and other tasks goes hand in hand with my ability to say “cuppa tea” in English, Spanish & Irish.

Areas of Expertise:

-Customer service
-Content repurposing
-Anything tech (Backend of Youtube, email marketing tools, course creation tools, shopify, blogs)
-Instagram engagement
-Community management





I have been a virtual assistant for over a year, I first started focusing only on pet business owners and veterinarians because that has to do with my career and then realised I am a multi passionate person and did not want to just work with one type of client. I started my business because I wanted freedom, finish my career and help my family in Venezuela. 

After I finish college, I want to travel a volunteer at animal sanctuaries and have my VA business as my full time and main income.