Denise Magill


I help mission driven women find ease in their business by optimising the back-end, allowing them to re-focus on their passion and purpose!

Areas of Expertise:

Client Management and CRM systems, Project management, Business organisation and optimisation.





I absolutely love supporting the vision and keeping things on track. But most of all, I have a passion for making sure that the experience of customers and clients is the best it possibly can be. My years of service delivery experience helped me develop all the skills needed to keep the show on the road. From easing the workload, managing and supporting clients, to working on improving systems and processes. I have always been the chief organiser, problem solver and communicator (the key to all success!).

I decided to start my VA business because I wanted to create more freedom, happiness, adventure and connection in my life. I knew I needed to find a way to live my purpose on my own terms. My purpose on this planet is to work closely with other mission driven women to support their business, improve their lives and make an impact! I adore what I do because I get to see women step into their power as leaders and watch their dreams come to life.

Becoming a VA has transformed my life and I cannot wait to help others find more balance and get back to the things that light them up!